Chiang Mai – Finally a Tuk-tuk for Isabella – Days 229 – 237

Family with Tuk Tuk driver smiling

Chiang Mai is a very popular city for digital nomads and travelling families. There is so much to do in Chiang Mai and, despite the smog (caused mainly by rice field burning), we enjoyed our time in this Northern city. When we arrived, Isabella and I made a Powerpoint presentation (I can’t help it) about all the attractions and activities on offer. Each family member got to pick 2 things that we’d add to the itinerary. Initially, I thought that the list was a bit ambitious for our slow travel style but we were going to be in the city for 9 days so we set out to do the following:

  1. Visit the Chiang Mai Zoo and see a Panda: Julie pick
  2. Go to the Planetarium: Isabella pick
  3. Float down a river on a bamboo raft: Isabella pick
  4. Visit Cocoon farm and see silk being made: Julie pick
  5. Go the Sunday Night Market: Paige
  6. Do a cooking class: Paige pick
  7. Go to a Soccer Game: Mike pick
  8. Make paper from Elephant poo: Mike pick

Guess how we did? I can tell you we did 7/8. Read on to see which one we missed.

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