Meet the Family

Family in front of geysir in iceland on cloudy cold day

The summer of 2022 does not seem that far away.

Why not plan for a big trip and see if we end up doing it?

Even better, why not blog about our plans to give ourselves added pressure to make it happen.

That sounds like a plan. Now we have some work to do.

Meet Julie

The youngest who is currently in preschool. She enjoys camping in tents and all modes of transportation. She often eats two breakfasts.

Meet Isabella

Currently in Senior Kindergarten. She loves swimming and looking for wildlife. She normally loses her socks and mitts.

Meet Paige

The Mom who takes care of the food, accommodation and itineraries. Her superpowers are booking restaurants and misplacing phones.

Meet Mike

The Dad who takes care of the logistics and budgeting while doubling as a pack mule. He often needs Paige to finish off a “cornered” spider.