Meet the Family

We’ve been planning a trip around the world with our kids since before our first daughter was born. July 2022 to July 2023 is the year!

We dream of seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and forgetting what day of the week it is.

Our daughters are in kindergarten and grade 3 so we are discovering worldschooling too while travelling to a dozen different countries.

So far, it has been an adventure that none of us will forget. We’re not really Instagram people (preferring prose to poses) but we’d love to keep in touch via this (I guess “old-school” now.. ) blog.

Family in front of geysir in iceland on cloudy cold day

Meet Julie

Child with flower at organic farm Sidney

The youngest who is currently in senior kindergarten. She enjoys camping in tents and all modes of transportation. She often eats two breakfasts. She keeps the family in line -always quick to tell us when we’re breaking a rule!

Meet Isabella

Currently in Grade 3. She loves snorkelling and looking for wildlife (especially in the ocean). She normally loses her socks and mitts.

Meet Paige

The Mom who takes care of the food, accommodation and itineraries. Her superpowers are booking restaurants and misplacing phones.

Meet Mike

The Dad who takes care of the logistics and budgeting while doubling as a pack mule. He often needs Paige to finish off a “cornered” spider.