Columbus – Isabella’s Birthday Present – Day 85-86 (A post by Isabella)

My favourite tv show is called “Secrets of the Zoo” and it takes place in the Colombus Zoo and the Wilds (two different zoos). The show is about zookeepers and vets who take care of the animals. I said to mom and dad “because we are going to the USA, can we go to the Columbus Zoo?”. They said “No” and I actually believed them. Secretly, mom, dad and Julie were planning a secret birthday present for me. After we left Indianapolis, I thought that we were driving to Cleveland but really dad was driving to my zoos. Mom and dad thought both of the zoos were in Columbus when they booked a hotel there for two nights but when they looked at google maps, they realized the Wilds was 1 1/2 hours further (and out of the way). That meant we had to drive through Columbus to get there and mom thought I would notice from the backseat that we were not driving through Cleveland! Dad thought I would not. Guess who was right? Dad…. I missed all the signs and was doing my homework in the backseat instead.

When we approached the Wilds, mom started to film me.

Wow, was I excited! Now I can tell you about the two zoos we visited.

The Wilds

The Wilds is a different kind of zoo. You cannot just walk around yourself but instead you take a safari tour in an open-air bus. They drive through different yards where animals roam free such as Przewalskii Horses, Takin, Rhinos, Oryx and Giraffes. There is also a Carnivore Center where you can walk and see African Painted Dogs, Cheetahs and Dholes. And there is a place where you can feed sugar sticks to birds. My favourite part was when an Ostrich started pecking the side of our bus and Julie got scared. I also liked seeing the baby rhino. I think that the Wilds is an interesting kind of zoo because the animals get more space to run around and graze.

Columbus Zoo

The next day, we went to the Columbus Zoo which my mom says is also famous because it is the zoo of Jack Hannah. When we entered something cool happened. I was wearing a cap from the Golden Gophers and a man started asking me questions about Minnesota. Instead I told him that I was from Toronto Canada and that coming to this zoo was my dream. He gave me 4 free tickets to the giraffe feeding which was so cool and fun. We were given 20 pieces of lettuce and a giraffe ate them from our hands with his giant purple tongue.

We also saw a cheetah running after a dog toy and my very first koala in real life (it was hard to see him through the glass). Even mom and dad saw new animals at this zoo: sloth bears and wolverines. We even saw bonobos and gorillas.

The zoo also had a place where you could touch string rays and I was pretty scared at first but, eventually, I did touch one.

All in all, these two days were two of my favourite days of the trip. The Wilds was my favourite part because it was all open and something I had never seen before. If you want any tips about going there, just ask me.

Everyone’s Favourite Animals

  • Mom: Wolverines
  • Dad: Grumpy Gorilla and Sloth Bear
  • Julie: Red Panda
  • Me (Isabella): Cannot decide between the baby elephant or capybaras

Where we stayed (five words or less)

Staybridge Suites in Dublin, Ohio: Better than Tent, Under Construction

By the numbers:

  • How many times mom told me to sit down on the safari bus: At least 20
  • People who fed giraffes: 3 (dad took pictures)
  • Signs about the Wilds Zoo mom says I missed: 8

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