Sell Some Stuff – 545 days to go

Online advertisement for automotive parts

When we started planning, we had a lot of time to get things done. One thing that benefits from a large time horizon is selling “stuff”. It is far easier to maximize your return on any business transaction when you are not at the mercy of an aggressive deadline. Before we take off on our around-the-world journey, we plan to sell some of our possessions. We hope to use the proceeds to fund a portion of the trip but we know it will not be the main contributor. Still, any extra dollar we can squirrel away now is one less dollar we have to worry about when we are on the road. And since we won’t be working, the less stress on that front the better. I wanted to share a quick update on what I have been tackling and some new considerations I have taken into account.

For the past few days, I have been going through the basement and putting stuff into a “sell” pile and a “give-away” pile. Full transparency, Paige and I do disagree on what merits inclusion in the “sell pile”. Often she is right but sometimes I end up making a sale on something that shocks us both (used maple leaf ticket stubs from the 90s anyone?). The “give-away” bucket normally consists of children’s toys, clothes and anything we can keep out of the landfill. Normally I would just leave this stuff on the curb but with the pandemic, it normally sits there and ends up in the garbage. With the items in their respective buckets, I then go ahead and make online ads for the stuff. I have tried a couple different platforms. Facebook marketplace has been an absolute dud for me. Kijiji is my listing of choice as I am pretty comfortable with their mobile app. Currently, the free stuff tends to get the best traction and most of that is picked up within a day or two. It is not much, but we did pocket $80 last week from our “sell” pile online listings. As an added benefit, we cleared out four square feet of space in the basement.

While reading some other blogs, I changed my perspective on the types of items we will have to sell. I had overlooked two key elements. The first is that kids grow. In a year they grow a lot. They will outgrow their clothes and gear. If it will not be in our backpacks it will have to go. The second oversight was that we have a real winter here in Toronto. We get snow and ice that really can wreak havoc on things left to the elements. For some reason, I thought all my outdoor gear would be in the same condition as I had left them when I return. Things like my BBQ and smoker will have to go even though I will miss them on my return. But to just have them sit under a cover on my deck for a year just seems ridiculous. I’m currently struggling with the reality that I should sell my beloved car. But not driving an electric car for a full year seems downright irresponsible. For me, not even SEEING an item for a full year is a gamechanger. Here is a list of ten items that I had not planned on selling but now make the cut.

  1. The backup BBQ – yes, it is ridiculous I have one but it came with the house and has sat under a cover
  2. The actual BBQ – such a good bbq – someone else will have to learn the hot and cold spots on the grill
  3. The lawnmower – I never did like the one I use – it will not be missed!
  4. Mike’s bike – after the drive across Canada it will be in rough shape
  5. Paige’s bike – same situation as Mike’s
  6. Smoker – that one is going to hurt but keeping the rust at bay is an ongoing battle I won’t be able to undertake from a different country
  7. The car – I’m not entirely there yet
  8. Kids wagon – By the time we get back, the youngest will have outgrown it
  9. Some of the Halloween Decorations – we have a bunch of large outdoor decor objects – each year we lose some to the elements – Paige is not going to be happy with this one
  10. Some of the sporting equipment – I cringe at the gear that won’t fit the kids when we return.

So if anyone wants a good barbecue or a smoker, I can sell you a car that neither will fit in!

The Mini Wheelbolt locks from the image are currently available as of Jan 2, 2021. Please message me if interested.

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