The Route as it currently looks – 734 days to go

I wanted to share with everyone a current snapshot of what the route is looking like right now. Some legs of the trips are further along than others so expect changes. I have gone ahead and shared a somewhat detailed route for the North American component of the trip. Here is that route. Not going to lie, the 11,000km plus of driving seems daunting. There will be some big travel days required.

For a glimpse of the current status of the whole trip including the Europe and Asian components of the trip, please click here. Might be too ambitious, might not be ambitious enough. But it is fun plotting the destinations on a map even if they are just placeholders. 50,000km sure feels like an ambitious undertaking.

Route around the world demarcated on a google map

As an aside, some of my friends had been teasing me about the gaps between my posts. I agree wholeheartedly with that critique. The good news is next week we cross the “2 years to go mark”. I am going to have to start buckling down!

A rough sketch of our plans – 969 days to go

I am still trying to get my head around how all these interfaces work so bear with me in the short term.

Today I wanted to go ahead and share a rough sketch of our ambition. My wife and I have been thinking about this for the last few years and it will be interesting to see how things will change over time.

In the summer of 2022 we plan to put our careers on hold and take our children on a year long trip around the world. Isabella and Julie will be pulled out of school and we will have to figure out how to school them on the road.

We aim to have 4 major components of our trip that will sort of correspond to the seasons. The first would be a 3 month road trip across Canada. We would follow that with 3 months in Europe along the Mediterranean. We would start 2023 in southeast asia and end the trip with the some islands in the pacific.

We have agreed on one additional caveat. Each member of the family is allowed to pick one destination that we have to see regardless of its impact on the overall trip. So if Paige really wants to see the world cup in Qatar, then we will have to make it work.

Ciao for now

Mike and Paige