Family Time in Edmonton – Days 21-23

The kids said goodbye to the yellow fields of the prairies as our next destination was Alberta. Our plan was to spend three days with Paige’s extended family in St. Albert (located just outside of Edmonton). Isabella and Julie were looking forward to meeting their cousins for the first time. Paige and I were looking forward to having a kitchen, adults to talk to and some space.

The drive from Lloydminster is a mere three-hour drive on paper. But why do a trip in three hours when you can stretch it into six? We were then lured to the town of Vegreville with a giant Pysanka (easter egg) you could see from the highway. We hopped into the FREE paddle-boats at the tourist information and got a 360-degree view of the egg. And then we had our best roadside meal of the trip at some taco place in the town (Loco Burro). Great marks for Vegreville all around! What a pleasant stop. However, the kids were beginning to piece together that the promised three-hour drive seemed longer. Julie is on the verge of being able to tell time.

With no more roadside attractions, we arrived at our Alberta destination and got to see Paige’s aunt and her family. From the moment we arrived it was pure awesomeness. The kids got to meet their cousins Henry and Halle. Julie and Henry became fast friends and they were off to play with Henry’s toys for the next three days. He had some GREAT toys. One of the best garbage truck collections I have ever played with.

As for myself, I was told to make myself at home so I immediately raided the fridge and drank as much milk as I could. I apologize for finishing off the jug. Paige took over the kitchen at one point and made a Saskatoon berry pie which was a good way to put those berries we picked earlier to use. Everything tastes better in “pie” form.

The morning walks were better here too as I actually stumbled upon two hares and a moose! Yep, random moose spotting in the suburbs. But outside of that, it was really about the kids. Paige’s cousin invited the girls to her gymnastics club and she gave them a private lesson with all the apparatuses. Paige and her mom (who joined us in Edmonton) got to see how much the kids had learned after a year of lessons. Julie almost did a handstand. Izzy can kind of rotate herself on the rings so she flips over. We were stunned. Additionally, the kids went to a splash pad, biked, played ball in the yard and feasted on burgers, pizza and spaghetti. They will be talking about their time with cousin Henry for a while.

Thanks again to all the family in Edmonton!

By the Numbers:

  • Total Kilometres: 5400km
  • Depart 10:00 (Llyodminster) – Arrive 16:00 (St. Albert) with a pit stop in Vegreville
  • Jugs of Milk consumed – 1 (they have jugs instead of bags, believe it was a gallon)
  • Ice Creams: 1 gelato
  • Good night sleeps: 3 (it was great sleeping in a proper bed)

Animals Seen:

  • 1 Moose
  • 2 Hares (or big bunnies, I don’t know)

Ciao for now,


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