Should we travel with a bike rack? – 721 days to go

Bikes standing upright with child helmets and carrier seats attached

Michael is the one who is passionate to blog about this trip.  I read it and agree with most things —really not sure about the electric vehicle across Canada and into the Yukon part though!

But I am passionate about figuring out how to bike on our trip.

Our daughter Isabella is currently 5, the exact age that Julie, our youngest will be when we plan to take this trip.  Isabella learned to ride a 2-wheeler this year and I cringe at the thought of Julie missing this while we travel.  Watching Isabella make it around the block has been a joy for me during our family’s COVID-19 isolation.

I keep thinking about the possibility of trying to bring our bikes with us across Canada.  I imagine riding in all different places in the country.  I don’t intend it to be a biking trip, I just like the idea of having the option of going somewhere a little further without making the kids walk all the time.


Within 2 years, I expect that she will be able to hold her own and ride with us.  She loves biking and even rode around our Ontario provincial campground last weekend.  She’s perfecting her stopping and riding while standing up.  


She is a scooter-girl right now, loving to go fast.  I am thinking that we will need a way to attach her.  Has anyone used something like this Follow me Tandem before?  There is also the Tailgator but the reviews are pretty mixed.  Maybe Mike can try to find one second-hand on Kijiji.

The transport issue

While we do intend to camp a lot, sometimes we may want to stay in a hotel or motel.  I do not want to take the bikes inside each night.  So then we think about how we might bring them along.  Do you just lock them to the rack and hope that they stay safe?  Coming from the Toronto, bike-stealing central, it seems unsafe but maybe other parts of the country do not see as much bike theft?

I do not like the idea of always having to unlatch something every time I want to open the trunk so I think that a roof rack might be the right solution for us.  

After doing a little research, Yakima and Thule seem to be big names on good quality roof racks.  I believe in buying better quality, whether new or used, as opposed to buying cheaper low-quality goods.  I’ll explore around the neighbourhood and look at different roof racks to inspect.  I guess that we should probably decide what type of vehicle we’re using before buying something although the racks do seem to work on most vehicles.  I think that I’ll set some kijiji alerts on these types of bike racks.


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