Creating a list of the camping gear we will need – 790 days to go

Child in car surrounded with camping gear

While out on our morning walk I suggested to Paige that we keep our eyes out for a good deal on camping gear. Our current tent is in some rough shape and definitely needs to be replaced. We decided whatever tent we look at buying should also be the one we want to take across Canada in two years time. It got us thinking what else will we actually need for the camping leg of our trip. When we delved deeper we quickly realized that a decent amount of the gear we currently have is more than adequate. Yes there are a couple pieces that will need to be replaced but now we have two years to take advantage of sales and promotions to get the best possible deals. I am also hopeful some of these can become well received gifts for upcoming birthdays and holidays.

Below is a list of our camping gear that we plan to bring and the current status of each.

  1. Tent: This needs to be replaced. It is currently on its last legs and has a broken pole and a lot of duct tape.
  2. Camping Chairs x4: We will require 2 new chairs as Isabella will have grown out of her child chair and mine is rusted through.
  3. Dinnerware: I probably should have replaced this a year ago. We need new cups, plates and cutlery.
  4. Tupperware: We currently bring a hodgepodge of mismatched pieces that end up leaking.
  5. Water Jug: We need one. Or I can just continue borrowing it from my parents like I have for every camping trip the last 7 years.
  6. Kettle: Needs to be replaced as the current one has some duct tape holding it together.
  7. Swiss Army Knife: I always have one on my key chain but I snapped one of the blades a few weeks ago. Will need to be replaced at some point.
  8. Oven Mitts: We forget to bring these every single time. Maybe if we had a dedicated pair we would not forget.
  9. Flint & Lighter: In great condition. I gave it as a Christmas gift to Paige last year.
  10. Lantern: Currently in good condition but if we can find one that does not need so many batteries, that would be a win.
  11. Portable Stove: We will use our current one. It is one of those gas powered ones that can fit in my pocket.
  12. Air Mattress: We hope we can use our current one. The key word is hope.
  13. Sleeping Bags x3: We have good quality sleeping bags. If we take care of them, we will not need new ones
  14. Axe: It will need a yearly sharpen but it is a workhorse.
  15. Cooler: The current one is good and coolers seem to last forever
  16. Flashlights x4: We have plenty. This has been a default stocking-stuffer for our children the last few years
  17. Water Bottles x4: Took care of it this Christmas. We all have YETI ones now.
  18. Frying Pan: We have a sturdy one that works well

Now if only we knew how to fit all this into a Chevrolet Bolt.

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