More Alignment on the European Route – 864 Days to go

We just wrapped up the Family Day holiday here in Canada. We had some free time so we wanted to share some initial alignment as it pertains to locations we aim to visit on our trip. As a reminder, we are developing a loose itinerary but each member of the family gets to vote for one place that we all must attend (even if it adds complications to the journey).

Our eldest daughter (Isabella) said the one place she wanted to use her vote for was for Italy. The basis of this decision was attributed to her two favourite foods: pizza and pasta. We also believe that she thinks she can get our youngest to choose Disneyland so that she will get to do another thing she wants.

As of this moment, Julie (the youngest) has said she wants to go to Disneyland. Paige is leaning towards India. Mike is undecided.

Our individual selections aside, we have alignment that after North America, our European leg will consist of Portugal, Spain and then Italy for Christmas. We think fall in Portugal and Spain will be a quieter time that is slightly off season. We hope it will allow an easy transition into the routines we hope to establish. We also are optimistic that our Canadian dollar might go farther in those two countries. The holiday season in Italy is two fold. First, Isabella will be happy. Secondly we secretly hope that family members will come visit us during the Christmas season. We figure that the probability of that happening with our respective families increases if we are in Italy during that time frame. I am an idealist and aim for the sky but it would be quite the story if I could convince my grandmother to leave Canada for the first time ever and spent Christmas with us in her parents’ home country.

2 thoughts on “More Alignment on the European Route – 864 Days to go

  1. Fearful Guumy’s Less Fearful Daughter July 4, 2020 / 5:03 pm

    For a person with no passport, and no intention to get one, and never having been in an airplane and never having seen the inside of one, no way! Signed, Fearful Gummy


    • Mike P July 5, 2020 / 4:36 pm

      We’ve got 2 years to work on those obstacles. I am sure we can get a passport processed in time!


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