970 Days to Go

I always wanted to start a blog so I am going to learn as I go. First I wanted to come clean and say this was supposed to launch with a nice round countdown (1000 days to go would have been a better initial post). Things do not always go according to plan and the delay happened. In the end if I get 97% of the way there, I will definitely view it as a success.

Over the next 900+ days I hope to share with you our family’s learnings as we plan for a round the world trip in 2022. Yes it is far off in the distance but it has been our dream since our eldest daughter was born. We always get excited when we share this dream with our friends. We hope that by blogging about our preparations it will help make the dream a reality.

We want to encourage others to plan big. We hope to show that traveling with children in the middle of your respective careers is doable. We also want to get feedback and advice that will make our upcoming “sabbatical” memorable for ourselves and our children.

Thanks for helping move this along.

Mike & Paige

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