Gear We Like and Use

One of the most common questions we get … How can you pack for a trip like that? We carry 7 bags:

  • Adult backpack 1: We fit all kids clothes into one backpack
  • Adult backpack 2: Mike and I fit all our clothes and shoes into a single backpack
  • Kids Wheelie Suitcase: All school, electronics and games
  • Isabella’s Daypack: Carries all snorkel gear and travel towels
  • Julie’s Daypack: Contains all toys
  • Mike and Paige’s Daypacks: All the documents and stuff we actually need for the day
Child sitting in a stroller full of luggage at a train station platform

Umbrella Stroller

We used the Maclaren “Globetrotter” which no longer exists as a model but there are similar variation. We had it for 3+ years. We loved the lightweight nature of the stroller and that it folds down to a slim bundle that easily fits in the car when camping. Yet it has features such as an under stroller carry awr

Father walking with two toddlers with a North Face backpack on

Day Pack

The North Face Borealis. We have had it for 3+ years. Mesh pockets on the side can hold two kid water bottles. Bungee string on the bag good for holding a crumbled kids jacket. Lots of zippers and pockets on the inside for storage.

The components of the Stiegl Card Matching Game

Family Game

A card matching memory game. They are small, compact and not a concern if they get lost. We have a small one from Icelandair but our favourite is one of beer-related items from the Stiegl brewery. It is one of our most cherished souvenirs.

Child swimming in small pool with a floatie attached and smiling

Child Floatie

The Swim Buoy. We have used it for 4+ years. During Isabella’s swimming lessons the kids wore this type of floatie to help them learn. We love it and have brought it on all our trips.

A laundry bad with laundry in it

Laundry Bag

We have used it for 2+ years. A simple bag with a drawstring. It makes segregating dirty clothes from everyone that much easier when traveling. In our case it as an old LL Bean Sleeping Bag Cover.

Hive Pocket Travel game setup on a table

Adult Game

Hive Game. We have used it for 2+ years. Small, easy to pack or setup and takes under 10 minutes to play. Can also substitute as a toy for the kids due to the insect pieces.

Nikon Digital SLR on a table with lens cap on


Nikon Digital SLR. We have been using it for 4+ years. We are not photographers so have really only used this one. It has taken a beating and still works for us.

Sony Cyber Shot Camera on a table

Child Camera

An old Sony Cyber-Shot. We have been using it for one year. The kids were always asking to take pictures with the SLR. I found an old point and shoot camera and the kids have loved it. Our kids’ photos has added a different perspective to our travels.

Girl sitting beside her travel suitcases in delight

Child Packs

Fjallraven Kanken. We have had it for less than 1 year. Isabella has a normal size one and Julie has the mini. This was a parents’ choice as we think they look adorable with them on.

3 thoughts on “Gear We Like and Use

  1. Tanbir November 2, 2022 / 12:37 am

    Also try spot it. Fun easy game to play with the kids


  2. Jason K April 27, 2022 / 9:06 pm

    If you’re looking to add to your “adult games” I did a quick search and found this a game called Dice Academy that seems to meet all your criteria (good for 2, easy to travel with, duplicates as a kids toy). The game looks like a dice version of Anomia which is also fun, but meets less of your criteria.


    • Mike P April 28, 2022 / 9:00 am

      Thanks…will check it out


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