Gear We Like and Use

We have done a few trips with our kids the last couple of years. These are some of items that we have used and rave about. This will undoubtedly change as our children get older and as we get closer to our departure date.

Child sitting in a stroller full of luggage at a train station platform

Umbrella Stroller

We used the Maclaren “Globetrotter” which no longer exists as a model but there are similar variation. We had it for 3+ years. We loved the lightweight nature of the stroller and that it folds down to a slim bundle that easily fits in the car when camping. Yet it has features such as an under stroller carry awr

Father walking with two toddlers with a North Face backpack on

Day Pack

The North Face Borealis. We have had it for 3+ years. Mesh pockets on the side can hold two kid water bottles. Bungee string on the bag good for holding a crumbled kids jacket. Lots of zippers and pockets on the inside for storage.

The components of the Stiegl Card Matching Game

Family Game

A card matching memory game. They are small, compact and not a concern if they get lost. We have a small one from Icelandair but our favourite is one of beer-related items from the Stiegl brewery. It is one of our most cherished souvenirs.

Child swimming in small pool with a floatie attached and smiling

Child Floatie

The Swim Buoy. We have used it for 4+ years. During Isabella’s swimming lessons the kids wore this type of floatie to help them learn. We love it and have brought it on all our trips.

A laundry bad with laundry in it

Laundry Bag

We have used it for 2+ years. A simple bag with a drawstring. It makes segregating dirty clothes from everyone that much easier when traveling. In our case it as an old LL Bean Sleeping Bag Cover.

Hive Pocket Travel game setup on a table

Adult Game

Hive Game. We have used it for 2+ years. Small, easy to pack or setup and takes under 10 minutes to play. Can also substitute as a toy for the kids due to the insect pieces.

Nikon Digital SLR on a table with lens cap on


Nikon Digital SLR. We have been using it for 4+ years. We are not photographers so have really only used this one. It has taken a beating and still works for us.

Sony Cyber Shot Camera on a table

Child Camera

An old Sony Cyber-Shot. We have been using it for one year. The kids were always asking to take pictures with the SLR. I found an old point and shoot camera and the kids have loved it. Our kids’ photos has added a different perspective to our travels.

Girl sitting beside her travel suitcases in delight

Child Packs

Fjallraven Kanken. We have had it for less than 1 year. Isabella has a normal size one and Julie has the mini. This was a parents’ choice as we think they look adorable with them on.

3 thoughts on “Gear We Like and Use

  1. Tanbir November 2, 2022 / 12:37 am

    Also try spot it. Fun easy game to play with the kids


  2. Jason K April 27, 2022 / 9:06 pm

    If you’re looking to add to your “adult games” I did a quick search and found this a game called Dice Academy that seems to meet all your criteria (good for 2, easy to travel with, duplicates as a kids toy). The game looks like a dice version of Anomia which is also fun, but meets less of your criteria.


    • Mike P April 28, 2022 / 9:00 am

      Thanks…will check it out


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